affiliate network that pays
The TOP Dating Affiliate Network is the top Affiliate network for dating publishers online. With a combined 20 years of adult and mainstream dating marketing experience. Our affiliate managers are sure to help you maximize and monetize your dating traffic. We are direct with all of our advertisers so we are sure to get you the best payouts in the industry. Even Newbies are making thousands with us. Join Dollar Ninja today and cash out. Weekly Pay for some serious cash flow for our appreciated dating publishers.

Why should I Partner with DollarNinjas?

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    Real Time Tracking

    Robust and real time tracking for all of our publishers. With decades of experience we understand that reliable tracking is of the utmost importance.

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    Why Dollar Ninjas ?

    Simple , your dating traffic will convert and you will get paid. No hassle or confusion like most networks. We make it easy on our partner publishers.

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    On Time Payments

    We’re world renowned for our ‘NEVER LATE’ automated weekly payments via check, ACH, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Bitcoin and more.

We are the only affiliate program for dating publishers that understands and cares about your traffic.